But who is the killer machine ? The white shark or human ? The huge size of the artwork 1m80 x 1m20 plus the rough condition of the shoot let the spectator enter in the most frightening experience. « I just had 1/4 second to shoot during the attack, the visibility was 1m and half and it was super fast. The 6 meter long white shark shoot and damage the cage then disappeared for ever. I was really close. His gaze is unique and terrible »

« The White Shark Attack », aka the Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, is available in very limited print of 3 editions. This picture let enter the spectator in something unique, the 1/4 second between live and death, when all become clear and trouble in your mind … Damien Hirst killed two 4 meters Tiger Shark to evoke The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Right. However a 6 meter white shark attack experience let feel you the « Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living » and give to the shark the physical possibility of live.

Shoot was done on analog film and give a timeless and historic aspect. With this analog aspect, some can easy refer to the collective culture with famous film « Jaws », as it was an extract of the movie.


"White shark attack", © Loïc Dorez.

« The White Shark Attack » available in edition of 3 is use the highest standard museum quality : ultraHD photo print under Acrylic Glass.

Size : 1m80 x 1m20

Price : 10 000 €