Exhibition Hublot Vendôme


Hublot loves art. (…) Art, which for Hublot is an entire way of life, a philosophy, and runs through its veins since the birth of the brand. Art, present in each of the creations’ molecules, through a design each time bolder and more creative. Today, like an echo to this union of the brand with Chinese art, Paris Vendôme introduces a French photographer. His name is Loic Dorez, and the pronunciation of his last name recalls the word « golden » in French, a wink to his southern origins of Collioure.



Loïc is definitely the « different » type of personality. When you ask him about his relationship to time, he speaks with emotion of the two year sailing trip he took with his parents as a child, navigating with no GPS, everything calculated by sextant. Time unveils differently, every moment is shown under a different perspective, another dimension.

Today, he chooses to stop time, to fix it, to capture it in his little boxes, be it argentic or digital, from which he extracts the finest essence of a moment, elusive in any other way. He carefully selects his catches, from geometrical architecture to aquatic sports icones (his other passion), or feminine creatures whose nudity he reveals without vulgarity, on the contrary : he sublimates them.

In the end, one could say the photographer explores the realms of « less is more ». These architectural women, whose beauties and bodies belong to a dreamlike world, are undressed to reveal their pure essence.
Stripped of every device, to the sole exception of a pair of stilettos, they reveal themselves through the lens with even more force.

Interesting paradox that these naked women, hence vulnerable, would in the end display much more than just a body, but rather genuine raw power.

Loïc Dorez’s magic operates, and suddenly the models’ high sensitivity transforms into a weapon of mass seduction.

He chose to name his exhibition « naked », simply.
Because the nude is complete in itself.

At the end of the day, we would want to ask him if, despite keeping his clothes on, it is not him who feels stark naked behind the lens.



« With this exhibition, Hublot Vendôme has signed it’s best even since the opening of the store ! »


« When Hublot Vendome proposed me to make this exhibition we have reviewed a lot of themes. This is our first event together and it was an opportunity to discover from each other, and learn working together. There was a moment in preparing this exhibition, which really surprised me. I submitted 45 visuals and in less than two hours , the Hublot team made a selection of an amazing precision, highlighting my most technical pictures, those that have the most depth in their stories and their creation. Hence the name of this exhibition: Naked.
At that moment I could feel the culture, the accuracy and sensitivity to the art of this Hublot team.”


The Hublot Vendome’s team and the artist Loïc Dorez team were delighted to welcome 110 guests for the private viewing of the exhibition « Naked. » An event that will remain etched in the memories of our happy watch collectors and art lovers; some of the models were present. In addition, a report on the Hublot Vendome boutique and the exhibition of Loïc Dorez to discover by clicking on the following links: interviews on  www.passion-horlogere.com and www.newsarttoday.tv