Deep inside the rainforest



« The vahine & the secret waterfall » is only available on fine art baryta paper argentic prints process. We ship worldwide.

  • Limited edition of 9 – 1meter x 1meter and over only on request.
  • Limited edition of 20 – size 50x50 cm on 50,5x60 cm ( visual size can varies of few millimeter due to artisanal process)



« I was close to leave Tahiti and I didn’t already found the place for the shooting. My « B plan » was to shoot in an eden garden by I already had a session in this friend’s place and since a long time I would have loved to shoot waterfall with a model. Waterfall are always impressive but very hard to shoot. There are often far and not really easy to climb and access. At an afternoon I didn’t know why but I was inspired to at a end road close to the home, and I began to walk, following a trail. After few minute I heard the noise of the waterfall and discover the place ! A pure hasard that life sometime give you ! I went back to my friend’s home, told there what I found them they came with me to see what I discovered and help me to make a pre-check for the shooting. The next day was the shooting day. It rained all morning … At 2pm we went to the secret waterfall, there was mud and to climb with all the weight of the equipment on slide ground was epic. Sonia the vahine and Sarah my assistant were exceptional. All the bag’s equipment were attach a trees to not slip all way down ! One camera was broke and we finished the shooting under one of my wettest day of rain, but the memories of this deep and ancestral forest with the beauty of the vahine inside this natural decor were graved for ever on the film. »


« The vahine & the secret waterfall » is a landscape photography on the first read. Because of the sum of detail and to reinforce the aspect of the size of the waterfall this photography is clearly adapt to large size prints ( one meter or more ) and is really adapt to be a main choice. You’ll find always details you didn’t see before, looking a the trees and at the waterfall. That’s one of a reason we have limited the littlest format at 50cm x 50cm. If you are portfolio collector and you are limited on your wall, we recommend to complete this print if your choice go on the 50cm x50cm with other portraiture of the model shoot during this session.

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